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About Us


Global Correctional Systems, LLC (GCS) provides and maintains the latest technology to secure correctional facilities from coast to coast. We specialize in upgrading your existing PLC system to modern reliable solutions.

Cliff Watson founded GCS in 2009 in order to maintain correctional facilities' door controls, intercoms, personal alarms, and secured fencing. With 35 years of experience in the industry, Cliff independently ran the company. His expertise in GEM80 controls demanded his attention across the country. As the correctional industry made strides to upgrade their controls, GCS began to grow as well.

We are a family business that has expanded its group of employees. GCS is proud to say half of these employees are veterans. We have several field technicians that are trained in electronic controls, and a lead programmer that is certified in the latest Productivity software. GCS employees work hard to meet the security and control needs of our customers.

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